Average Response Time of Ambulance In India

Health emergencies can be traumatic and very frustrating. While facing an emergency situation it becomes a crucial thing to get an ambulance on time. The instant availability of ambulances can salvage many lives out from critical medical conditions or natural disasters. In a huge population like India where they have to deal with several emergency situations every day, a good number of ambulances is needed to meet the requirement.

The ambulance services run with the collaboration of the government and private organizations. Dial 102 and 108 are two dedicated numbers regarding ambulance services in India. Although the average response time of ambulances in India which the government has set is 25-30 minutes, it seems very difficult to align with the pace. There are several private organizations also that work as ambulance services providers and they claim to reach the patient in 20-25 minutes. Above all these, AmbiPalm provides the fastest ambulance services across the country, reaching the patient within 15 minutes. They have come up as the second name of trust while dealing with both emergency and non-emergency situations.

The Gap Between Demand and Supply

If you look a couple of decades back then the ambulance services were run by small ambulance services providers. There were no concrete handling of emergency situations because of the unsteady system and lack of dedicated vehicles. The country has certainly lifted up the services after Emergency Medical Services (108) came into play. Other world-class service providers like AmbiPalm Health Pvt. Ltd., have come up as a solution to the fundamental backdrops of the system but, still, we have a long way to go. The World Health Organization have set a standard for ambulance services in India saying that there should be at least 1 ambulance for 100,000 people in plain terrain and 1 for every 70,000 people living in hilly areas. It is obvious that managing this much large population without the support of better services is next to impossible.

The insufficiency of government ambulances leads people to approach private service providers. Such organizations seldom charge high costs and for that people avoid using an ambulance, especially in rural areas, they prefer public vehicles even during crucial conditions. In case there is no healthcare facility around, they have to travel long distances which results in higher mortality rates. AmbiPalm aims to make ambulances available for every common man. They offer you the best ambulance services at the cheapest prices and with the ease of booking an Ola Cab or ordering pizza.

There have been astounding economic and scientific developments in the country and at the same time, we see an increase in the need for emergency medical services. We get bountiful numbers of calls for ambulance services because AmbiPalm provides 24/7 ambulances with trained paramedics/doctors and drivers at affordable prices. The average time AmbiPalm takes to reach the patient is 15 minutes which is faster than any other ambulance service provider in India. The country indeed requires more strong steps towards the goal to completely solve the problem of ambulance services and we are heading in the right direction. The cooperation of government and private organizations has subsided the fatality rate in the country due to the lack of ambulances.

The introduction of dial-108 in the year 2005 relieved the burden from the National Ambulance Service (NAS) but as the number of medical emergencies is increasing, several drawbacks also became visible. It could not manage the consistency of demand and supply leading to the irregularity in the services. The dial-108 is free of cost service aggregated by the Indian Government but the unavailability of good ambulances and 24/7 drivers have been a matter of concern. AmbiPalm has proved itself as a precise solution for these drawbacks.

AmbiPalm: One-stop Solution For The Drawbacks of 108

While 108 was introduced to remove the complexity during an emergency, it has a few drawbacks also. The government has issued 100 ambulances for each state which creates a huge gap in demand and supply leading to one ambulance on 30,000 people. As the same, 108 gets assistance only from two hospitals in each city which often becomes problematic for ambulances to reach the hospital on time.

AmbiPalm is the best solution for the issues that you might face while calling an ambulance through 108. We are determined to provide the best services 24/7 with the fastest ambulances and make sure that no one takes his last breath waiting for an ambulance. We have strong connectivity with all the major government and private hospitals across the country thus, you never face difficulty in getting instant medical attention. So when you connect with AmbiPalm, you not only get an ambulance but also get several advantages that no other service providers could provide:

  • AmbiPalm is available 24/7 in both digital and offline modes which 108 lacks.
  • You get the finest ambulances at the price of cheapest cabs and autos.
  • Instant connectivity with the nearest government or private hospital in any corner of the city whereas 108 has access to only two government hospitals that too in the two corners of the city.
  • We have a multilingual responding panel where we offer you to choose your desired language.
  • Only AmbiPalm is providing the facility to track the live status of your ambulance.
  • AmbiPalm gives you the invoice with all the necessary details so that you can claim your insurance.
  • AmbiPalm stays closer to you in times of need, more than any other ambulance services provider.
  • We treat our customers as God and we have professional approach with personal care.
  • Out of all the ambulances provided by the government to 108, only 10% are working properly which is the major concern with the service.

What can be more helpful if you have the fastest ambulance service provider by your side? While the government ambulances take half an hour to reach you and other private organizations take at least 20-25 minutes to avail you an ambulance, AmbiPalm reaches you in just 15 minutes. These precious minutes can be often a difference between life and death. AmbiPalm understands that how important it is to deliver the services in the quickest time during critical situations therefore we are racing to save lives.

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