How Long After Drinking Alcohol Can You Donate Blood?

Blood donation is a humble act that creates an impact in the receiver’s life as well as in society. In India, on average there is a requirement for 40,000 units of blood every day. Children struggling with severe anemia, cancer patients who are under chemotherapy, someone facing blood loss due to an accident, require blood to survive. This is a known fact that only the act of manual donation can fulfil the requirements as it is impossible to prepare blood in labs. Since the blood banks or health centres have to rely on regular gentle donors therefore it is the donor’s duty also to take care of a few important factors before giving blood to a patient or to any blood bank. A donor who consumes alcohol or smokes on regular basis should follow a few instructions to ensure that he doesn’t harm the receiver. Although it is not smart to intake alcohol or smoke before going for the process there are a few misbeliefs that say that alcohol consumption or smoking makes you ineligible as a blood donor.

How Long You Should Wait To Donate Blood After Alcohol Consumption:

The studies say that after you take alcohol, it remains in your body for hours or days. Keeping the safety measures in mind, one should avoid alcohol at least 24-48 hours before donating blood. The type and amount of alcohol that you take to decide how long it will remain in your body. When you donate blood right after drinking, the particles get transmitted to the receptor’s body too. Apart from this, the donor also gets affected as alcohol causes dehydration to the body which will lead to improper flow of blood in his veins. For precise blood flow, the body needs to stay hydrated and if it is not, the process of blood donation can be agitated and take a longer time. Similarly, it seldom becomes difficult to find veins if you have taken alcohol within the past 2 days as it makes the muscles relaxed.

Thus, alcohol intake should be avoided for 24-48 hours to ensure that you do not intoxicate the receiver or harm your own health. Instead of this, you should take more water and juice so that your body stays hydrated while donating blood.

Smoking Also Affects Blood Donation

It is advisable not to smoke for 12-24 hours before donating blood. While donating the blood, impure ingredients may also enter the patient’s body which can be harmful to him. At the same time, it also causes a sudden rise in blood pressure which turns you ineligible for blood donation. For the receiver as well as the donor, smoking is, either way, harmful if the donor has smoked within 24 hours. Post donation also the donor should avoid smoking at least for an hour because it makes you feel dizzy and might increase the risk of your fainting.

If you take care of these general points, you can donate blood easily. A person goes out of his way to donate blood and in that case, he must not face any difficulty. AmbiPalm offers free of cost blood request/donate feature where one can donate blood and ask for it in times of emergency, that too without paying a single penny.

How can I Donate Blood Through AmbiPalm?

AmbiPalm offers the simplest ways for blood donation. You go to the app, select your blood group, confirm the number of blood units, select which component of blood particularly you are willing to donate and then you click on donate blood.

After this process, you are directed to your nearest hospital where you can easily donate blood and help in serving humanity.

How Can I Ask for Blood Through AmbiPalm?

Requesting for blood on AmbiPalm is as simple as a donation.
By following the same easy steps, you can ask for blood. After registration, you are connected to your nearest hospital or blood bank where you would get the required amount of blood.

Blood donation is a priceless service to humanity. It has several health benefits and at the same time, it gives you a joyous feeling. Someone who is willing to donate blood should not worry about the foul myths around blood donation. By taking care of a few basic instructions given by health experts, you can continue the service. Although alcohol consumption or smoking is any which not beneficial for your health but it is definitely a wrong belief that taking alcohol or smoking makes you ineligible for blood donation. AmbiPalm is walking hand in hand with society to ensure that no one takes his/her last breathe struggling for blood. We say, “Earn the honour, be a donor.”

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