How to Donate Blood In Hyderabad?

Blood donation is one of the highest noble deeds that not only saves lives but also lifts up the standard of society. Since we all are interlinked to each other and we cannot survive in solitude, then it becomes our responsibility to help each other. In a fast-paced city like Hyderabad, the availability of blood can be crucial. There is nothing more impactful than saving a life and when you donate blood, you not only contribute to a person but can save up to 3 lives at the same time. AmbiPalm offers you a free of cost blood donation feature where you can register yourself as a donor and donate blood in Hyderabad without any trouble. With the AmbiPalm app, saving lives is in your palm now. We connect you with the nearest blood banks or health centres so that you do not face any difficulties when you are going for blood donation.

Despite the increasing number of blood donors, we still need regular volunteering because we cannot store it for a longer period of time. With the rise in population, medical emergencies are also increasing and for that regular blood donation by a promising number of healthy donors is needed to meet up the requirements of blood across the country. Blood has three major components- Red Blood Cells (RBC), Platelets, and Plasma in it which is used separately as per the demand. Blood transfusion is helpful in improving the patient’s condition in certain cases. On some occasions, it is required to save the patient’s life if the patient is in critical condition. Diseases like Dengue, Malaria, Typhoid, and Covid-19 cause massive loss of platelets which may lead to catastrophic conditions and in such situations, patients require the immediate transmission of platelets. As the same, cancer patients require plasma on a regular basis while they are going through chemotherapy. Blood is also a lifesaving element when in cases of an accident where the person is facing excessive blood loss.

AmbiPalm has pledged to serve humanity and for that matter of concern, we offer a free of cost blood donation/request feature on our app where you can anytime ask for blood and also donate voluntarily. We do not charge you for this and if you join us as a donor, we also give you preference when you or any of your family members require blood. You do not need to be a doctor if you want to save lives and with AmbiPalm becoming a genuine donor is very easy.

How To Donate Blood With AmbiPalm

AmbiPalm has simplified the process of blood donation with medical experts and trained staff. Download the app from the play store or app store and follow simple steps:

  • Go to Play Store or App Store.
  • Search for AmbiPalm App and install it.
  • You would find the Blood feature where you can see Donate Blood option.

By following the above directions, you can register yourself as a donor with AmbiPalm and ensure a trouble-free donation. When someone is willing to contribute to a noble cause then he/she should not struggle in getting the right place to donate blood. AmbiPalm ensures the fast yet simplest procedure of blood donation so that doing ‘good’ is never painful.

India has a population of more than 135 crores but it is unfortunate that every year only 2.5 crores units of blood are available. Many people die in accidents, of cancer and other diseases, due to lack of blood. Having said that, the importance of blood donation does not only help the receiver but it has several health advantages for the donor too. AmbiPalm promotes this noble deed with both hands by providing free blood donation services. Here you can volunteer to donate blood and also request in the time of need, and that too free of cost. It is very common to get frustrated during the search for blood in times of emergency because that never comes easily. An adequate amount of blood at the right time cannot be found easily. But AmbiPalm has narrowed down your problems with the free of cost blood feature on the app as well as through our 24/7 toll-free number 1800-270-911-911. Here you can register yourself as a volunteer donor and participate in the great noble service to humanity.

We cannot store blood for a longer time, therefore, it is required for motivated donors to donate blood on regular basis. It is unfortunate that always someone is struggling in getting an adequate amount of blood in times of emergency. Although we are improving the system with the help of government and private organizations still there are miles to walk. With an optimistic approach, AmbiPalm shares the strength and emotion into this great gesture. You can simply contact AmbiPalm and leave the rest of the work on us. We work to create a social impact and we aim that nobody dies due to the scarcity of blood.

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