What are The Medical Emergency Numbers in Durgapur?

Durgapur is a rapidly growing urban area in West Bengal with an estimated population of 56 lakhs. The city is one of the major hubs of industries in India which is constantly growing with time. As the result, the rapid growth in the population of this region is a challenging factor for the government and public health professionals. It is always difficult to manage the healthcare system in such a city as Durgapur due to the industrial dominance and growing population. It can run smoothly only with the equal cooperation of people with health professionals.

During a medical emergency, the first thing we seek is instant care. We want to make sure that we get the right treatment on time. But before we reach a medical practitioner, we need to link with the best ambulance services provider, especially in critical situations. Finding someone reliable in sensitive conditions can give us a sigh of relief. In such circumstances, AmbiPalm undertakes the safest transfer of patients in Durgapur. AmbiPalm is the leading ambulance services aggregator in India with an association with more than 500 most active ambulance services providers across the country. In addition to it, AmbiPalm has the simplest app from where you can book an ambulance with the ease of booking a cab or ordering food online. In case if you are unable to access the internet then we also have a 24/7 toll-free number 1800-270-911-911. We also offer a free of cost blood request/donation feature where you can donate as well as request blood and for that, you do not need to pay anything. Along with this, there are other important numbers too which can be life-saviour at times.

It is extremely important to know about the medical emergency numbers in Durgapur, no matter if you are a resident there or a mere visitor. The state and central government provide some helplines/phone numbers to all the cities in order to help people during emergency situations. A small effort of awareness can be sunshine during the dark. Staying prepared for worse situations is any which the best way to help ourselves. Having said that, one should always keep these numbers with him ensuring that he doesn’t feel helpless while facing any unpleasant medical situation. Here is the list of medical emergency numbers that are available in Durgapur, West Bengal. Keeping these numbers in your phonebook can be very useful if you have to face some crucial conditions.

  • Ambulance: 102, 108
  • AmbiPalm toll free number: 1800-270-911-911
  • Women Helpline Number: 1090
  • Child Helpline:1098
  • DMC Covid-19 Helpline:8373810001
  • Pashchim Bardhman Covid-19 Coordination :0341-2253650
  • West Bengal Covid-19 Helpline: 1800-313444-222
  • Bidhan Nagar SD Hospital (Blood Bank): 0343-2536968
  • DSP Main Hospital:0343-2568307
  • Durgapur SD Hospital:0343-2563522
  • Vivekananda Hospital:0343-2537707
  • S.D.O. Office, City Center (Eye Bank): 0343-2545141/ 2548026
  • Free Eye Clinic: 0343-2557647/ 2553944
  • City Medical Store: 0343-2545614
  • National Medical Hall: 0343-2583189
  • City Medico: 0343-2549485

AmbiPalm: racing to save lives:

AmbiPalm believes that every services provider must put his legs in the shoes of the city before entering the industry. We understand the complexity of the city and deliver the services accordingly. With the finest ambulances and skilled drivers, we are running ahead in serving the best ambulance services to Durgapur/West Bengal.

For the past decade, the country has shifted more on the digital platform concerning lifestyle, fashion, food, shopping, and now healthcare too is not out of the reach. People prefer ordering goods or services online more and more. The biggest advantage of this digital boom is less time consumption. It has without any doubt simplified our way of living then why should medical assistance be out of this. AmbiPalm focuses on the best ways to deal with the situation through the finest ambulance vehicles which are well-equipped with advanced medical devices. We have a team of skilled staff ensuring that the patient never faces any trouble during the transfer from one point to another.

Since, time is a crucial factor while emergency situations, AmbiPalm is very strict about the urgency of the situation. If the ambulance doesn’t reach on time it can cause an unpleasant experience for the patient and his family. This is why AmbiPalm never comprises with the time and dispatches the ambulance within 60 seconds only after booking. Whereas the other ambulance services providers take at least half an hour to reach the patient, AmbiPalm accomplishes it within 15 minutes only which is the fastest in the country.

In India, especially in rural areas, people avoid calling for an ambulance when it’s needed. The research says that most of the times people hesitate in booking an ambulance during a medical emergency because of the unpredictable charges asked by the provider. Sometimes the cost goes out of their affordability therefore they ignore the importance of an ambulance. It is said that many patients have lost their lives already due to this stranded system. But, AmbiPalm intends to make ambulances affordable for every common person.

We offer our ambulance services at the cost of any cab which is definitely much cheaper than any other ambulance services provider. AmbiPalm is also the only provider to offer a negotiation option which ensures that nobody hesitates in calling for an ambulance due to lack of money.

Why choose AmbiPalm:

It is always helpful when you have someone reliable around you. Along with ambulances and other services, AmbiPalm also provides an option to track the live status of the booked ambulance. Through the app, you can check the live location of the ambulance carrying your patient. That assuages the stress during the ride. You can also know the live status through our toll-free number 1800-270-911-911.

AmbiPalm cares about you and deals with the situation professionally. On the single platform, you get all the medical emergency services and that too at the price which you choose. In terms of science and technology, India has progressed a lot which consequently has improved the status of the healthcare system of the country. Now we are more capable of dealing with several medical emergencies and AmbiPalm gives stronger hands to it.

Although there are several ambulance services providers in the country no one serves you at the prices that AmbiPalm offers. As the same AmbiPalm is the only services provider that gives the choice to track the live location of the booked ambulance. With our finest ambulances, we intend to create an impact in society. We are pledged to serve humanity and 24/7 we are racing to save lives.

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