What are The Medical Emergency Numbers in Faridabad?

The City Major Foundation Survey report says that Faridabad is the 8th fastest growing city in the world and 3rd in India. It is also one of the hundred selected cities in India which shall be developed as smart cities under the Government of India’s flagship Smart Cities Mission. Being home to several large-scale companies, the city is the industrial capital of India. Faridabad has multiple industrial plants and it is the largest Henna exporter in India. It leads to a neck-tight and fast pace competitive lifestyle. In these circumstances, medical emergencies are unavoidable. Along with the economic dissemination, the city is also required to ensure medical care support. The state government of Haryana has provided separate helpline numbers to help the residents and visitors of the industrial city during tough situations. These are the medical emergency numbers in Faridabad for people’s safety and support during a medical emergency.

Faridabad is a great source of industrial and economic power to India but, on the other side, pollution has always been a concern of the city. In the year 2018, World Health Organization (WHO) had counted it in the top-10 most polluted cities in the world. However, the state government and a few other organizations are trying to improve the situation, it is also our responsibility to prepare for unpleasant circumstances. The medical emergency numbers including AmbiPalm can be a great help while dealing with critical situations in Faridabad.

AmbiPalm is the best ambulance services provider in Faridabad and nearby places that reaches the patient in the quickest time possible. We all know how crucial ambulances are for the healthcare system. Therefore a fast-moving city always stands in need of the finest ambulance services like AmbiPalm. Other than this, knowing about all the medical emergency numbers in the city is also important. Following is the list of all those essential contact numbers that can be very useful while facing a medical emergency.

  • Ambulance: 102, 108
  • AmbiPalm toll free number: 1800-270-911-911
  • Women Helpline Number: 1091
  • Child Helpline: 1098
  • Fire and Rescue:108
  • Helpdesk Toll-free number: 1800-180-2128
  • Disaster Management Services:108
  • Natural Disaster:1077
  • Road Accident Helpline:1073
  • Central Relief Commissioner:1070
  • Anti-ragging Helpline:155222
  • Kisan Call Center:1551
  • SMO Blood Bank BK Hospital:1029-2411881
  • Kalra Child Care Center, sec-15: 2220883
  • District Covid-19 helpline: 0129-222100, 2298500
  • Shivalik Hospital (Diabetes): 095825 66680
  • SSB Heart and Multispecialty Hospital: 09540114114

These emergency numbers can play a crucial role if someone is struggling to find immediate medical attention. But, it is obvious that someone might not recall all these numbers during urgent hours. In this regard, AmbiPalm could be your best choice. Downloading the app or dialling the 24/7 toll-free number 1800-270-911-911 will bring you all the medical emergency services available in one go.

AmbiPalm: one-stop solution for every medical emergency:

No medical problem comes alone but it brings several complications that require different types of medical assistance. Blood services, instant doctor availability, nutritional care along fast ambulance services are needed altogether. This is where AmbiPalm comes into the picture. It brings a solution to all the medical emergencies on one platform. You can avail of all the services through both digital and offline modes. Download the app from the play store or app store, or call us through the toll-free number.

AmbiPalm is your one-stop solution to every medical emergency in Faridabad. We provide world-class services at the most affordable prices. Including Faridabad, we are active in 15 cities of India which are Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mysore, Kanpur, Lucknow, Guntur, Durgapur, Asansol, Darjeeling, Gurgaon, Siliguri, Chennai, and Pune.

AmbiPalm: racing to save lives:

Reaching to the patient is never less important than providing top-class treatment, as far as medical emergency services are concerned. Time is a decisive factor during medical situations because a few minutes of delay can cause hazardous consequences. AmbiPalm is known for delivering its services in the quickest time. The ambulances reach the location within 15 minutes which is again the shortest time any services provider takes to deliver the services.

Faridabad is a busy city and tackling the complexity of the place is a tough task. There is always a high demand for ambulances in the city and at the same time, it is a challenge to overcome the hush and bush of Faridabad. It requires special strategies to meet the needs of the city. AmbiPalm dispatches the ambulance within 60 seconds only after we get the confirmation from the caller. We have collaboration with more than 500 ambulance services providers across the nation which makes us available 24/7 in every situation. We intend to make sure that no one in Faridabad feels helpless during a medical emergency therefore we are racing to save lives.

Why choose AmbiPalm:

Our intention is to influence society in a positive way and create a biosphere where getting an ambulance is as simple as booking a cab or ordering food online. In addition to this, AmbiPalm is the only one to offer the negotiation feature where you can bargain over the standard expenses of the ambulance. This feature came up with the motif to make ambulance services affordable for every common person.

On the AmbiPalm app, you find an option to track the live location of your booked ambulance. This option is also accessible through the toll-free number. It lessens down the stress for sure if you can know the exact location of the ambulance. Download the AmbiPalm app from Play Store or App Store and book an ambulance in the easiest way. You can also avail of our services through 24/7 toll-free number 1800-270-911-911 where you also get the option to choose your desired language.

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