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The human body is a natural machine. The machine tends to get ruptured and needs maintenance at times. Doctors are next to god! They save lives in times of crisis. Although, it is very difficult to get proper medical service at the time of emergency. Unfortunately, many lives are lost due to the unavailability of an ambulance on time. Although, the basic and advanced needs like food, clothes, house, etc. everything is available online and in the minimum time. But not a perfect app for ambulance service. The need of the hour is an ambulance service, Which can be easily accessible and can provide the best possible support in case of emergency the minimum time and cost. The wait is no longer needed! AmbiPalm strives to provide all these services to you. AmbiPalm Ambulance Booking App will give you support during your medical emergency needs. This App is operated now in Bangalore and Hyderabad, soon it will come to your city too. This ambulance service app is a must-have to have on your smartphone so that you can save a life with just a tap. Download the AmbiPalm ambulance service app now!

What Makes AmbiPalm Ambulance App The Best?

The goal is to save lives by providing services to people in the shortest time at minimum cost. Delay is not an option; the AmbiPalm Ambulance Booking App in Bangalore & Hyderabad uses efficient algorithms to be on time. The app provides many options like booking an ambulance and requesting or donating blood & plasma. While booking the ambulance, you can choose different options like the type of ambulance, the features, the equipment present, etc. Also, it lets you choose your customized life saving kit. The types of ambulance provided are:

Advanced Life Support - In times of critical situations when you need Ventilators, MultiPara Monitor, Intubation, AED, etc.
Basic Life Support - In times when you want to go to the hospital & you need Oxygen Cylinder, MultiPara Monitor, Wheel Chair, Stretcher, and other equipment
Patient Transport Vehicle - Need to relocate patients to a different place or visit the hospital for a regular checkup.

The advanced technology used enables the driver to choose the shortest possible route. Thus, to reach the hospital in the minimum possible time. Hence, everything is just a tap away. The initial medical care services are taken care of. Well-trained professionals are provided with all types of equipment needed at the initial stage. Like, oxygen cylinders, BP monitor, glucose, monitors, etc. Drivers are also trained likewise. Using the app is very simple and easy, you can train your parents, kids, and others to use the app at ease in case of any medical emergency.

So, When you are on the race of saving a life of your loved ones or a stranger:
- Open your Ambipalm Ambulance Booking App on your Android or Apple device
- Select your pick up and drop
- Choose Your Ambulance Type – ALS/ BLS/ Patient Transport Vehicle
- Select the Services, confirm the booking by paying the minimum booking confirmation amount
- Your Ambulance is on its way.

Not only do they provide ambulance services but also enable blood & plasma donation and requests. The AmbiPalm Ambulance App provides these features to the user, and they can make their respective request. It aims to connect the donor with the receiver in just a tap, you can save lives. It makes sure all the security measures are taken. The user needs to provide the hospital name and upload the blood request form. When in times of blood emergency or rare blood group needs blood, you need not worry, as your online blood bank is just a tap away.

Isn’t it great!

The most valuable service is provided in such an easy way. Ambulance Booking App in Hyderabad and Bangalore strives to make save a life in emergency or pandemic situations. Ambipalm has hundreds of ambulances on-road and has collaborated with all the best hospitals in the city so that there is nothing to worry about when a hassle-free 24*7 ambulance booking app is there on your device. This app is a service to mankind. Medical emergencies are unfortunate but a little help can save tons of lives. Thus, the motto of AmbiPalm is- Racing to save Lives.

Go and download the AmbiPalm ambulance service app now! This app can help you save the lives of your loved ones.

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