Ambulance Lights And Siren

We all know that every ambulance has both a siren and lights. Every ambulance needs to have lights and sirens to be recognized as an EMS vehicle. Both sirens and lights have been in use and have been common elements in EMS automobiles for a long time. Mainly they help us to reach the hospital on time. The amount of time an ambulance takes is crucial in emergencies to arrive at the scene of an illness, accident, or injury.

These lights and sirens give the safety of emergency services providers in traffic. The sound and light from the ambulance will warn the people on the road about the emergency. So that people will give way to an ambulance in heavy traffic. It also lowers the chance of heavy vehicles crashing with ambulances in traffic. In some specific studies, officials said these sirens and lights had reduced the transport time to half or less. It will also increase the chance of the Patient's survival. These sirens and lights used depending upon the Patient's illness or criticalness. The combination of these lights and sirens, blinking & sound - ON and OFF have different meanings. Let's know about it in detail.

Lights ON and Siren ON

If both the lights and sirens of an ambulance are ON, It indicates the Patient's condition is critical. It gives us an idea that the Patient needs to be transported to the hospital as soon as possible. The situations might include Unconcious patients, Serious breathing and Respiratory problems, Heart attack, or Cardiac arrest. It also indicates the Patient in the ambulance might be suffering from cardiac or heart-related symptoms, heart failure, hard chest pain, severe accident, brain injury, or any other serious issues. Whenever you see an ambulance on the road with both Lights and Siren(sound) ON, Immediately give way to it.

Lights ON and Siren OFF

When an ambulance is going with lights ON and siren Off, It might be for various reasons. Many of you think it is because the person in the ambulance is dead, but it is not true. There could be many reasons to define the situation. Here we are mentioning some of the reasons why this code is applicable.

1. To relieve the Patient from stress and discomfort.

If Patient inside the ambulance is already in stress and discomfort, They might become more ill. Then the ambulance driver might turn off the Siren to relieve the Patient from stress.

2. When Everyone inside the ambulance was tired of the noise.

If the noise of the ambulance is creating more disturbance and irritation to the people inside the ambulance, They might turn off the sound for a little time. It helps them to get out of stress and tension.

3. Clearway without any traffic on the road.

If the ambulance driver finds a clear way without any traffic, Siren is not necessary. It is one of the reasons why sirens are not turned on.

Lights OFF and Siren OFF

In this situation, You need not worry. It indicates the ambulance is not in a rush. It is a non-emergency situation or transporting a patient in normal conditions.

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