Why Ambulance Number is 108?

The 108 emergency number is a one-stop solution for all the three major emergencies i.e. Police, Fire, and Ambulance services. There are separate numbers for these emergencies but, 108 aims to simplify the services by bringing them on one desk. Ramalingraju initiated this service in Andhra Pradesh on 15th of August, 2005 with the intention to integrate emergency services through one number only. After that the government of India had collided with the private organizations such as GVK Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI) and Private Organization Healthcare Limited to run the 108 emergency management number.

In present time, this service is available in 18 states of India i.e. Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Meghalaya, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. It is also available in two union territories; Puducherry, Daman and Diu and Chandigarh. It is indeed simpler to remember one number instead of three numbers and that was the idea behind bringing 108 in to the play. People often get confused between these numbers but now they do not need to think twice before dialing the number in times of emergency. There is a separate Emergency Response Centre (ECR) who immediately takes the call and gather all the needed information from the caller and connect him/her to the concerned department. Several call centers support this system to run. If you are facing a medical emergency, the ambulance will take you to the nearest government hospital.

When Do Ambulances Use sirens

The basic motif behind blowing the siren is to alert people that the vehicle is carrying a patient who is facing a medical emergency. People could hear the siren and make way for the ambulance to pass. They are likely to alert the traffic about the ambulance before it is visible to people so that there is no sudden chaos on the road. Ambulances use a siren not just because it provides a greater audible warning to the public that the vehicle is approaching, but also because it is an artifact of an emergency and can be heard from a longer distance.

Though ambulances use sirens while transferring critical patients, sometimes you must have encountered that the ambulance is flashing lights only and not blowing sirens. There are certain occasions when they avoid using sirens and lights.

Drawbacks Of The 108

However, there are different advantages of the dial 108 services but it has few drawbacks also. It is a free of cost service and the government has to bear all the expanses therefore several issues has come in the way.

  • Issue with the ambulances: Out of all the ambulances provided by the government, only 10% are working properly
  • Unavailability of drivers: One of the major concerns with dial 108 services is that ambulance drivers are not available 24/7.
  • They have access to maximum of two government hospitals only.
  • Hike in petrol prices: In recent time, petrol prices have touched the level of sky. Growing petrol prices also affect the fluency of the services.

AmbiPalm: One-stop Solution For The Drawbacks of 108

While 108 was introduced to remove the complexity during an emergency, it has few drawbacks also. Government has issued 100 ambulances for each states which creates a huge gap in demand and supply leading to one ambulance on 30,000 people. As the same, 108 gets assistance only from two hospitals each city which often becomes problematic for ambulances to reach the hospital on time. AmbiPalm is the best solution for the issues that you might face while calling an ambulance through 108. We are determined to provide the best services 24/7 with the fastest ambulances and make sure that no one takes his last breath waiting for an ambulance. We have a strong connectivity with all the major government and private hospitals across the country thus, you never face difficulty in getting instant medical attention. So when you connect with AmbiPalm, you not only get an ambulance but also get several advantages that no other service providers could provide:

  • AmbiPalm is available 24/7 in both digital and offline modes which 108 lacks.
  • You get the finest ambulances at the price of cheapest cabs and autos.
  • Instant connectivity with the nearest government or private hospital in any corner of the city whereas 108 has access to only two government hospitals that too in the two corners of the city.
  • We have a multilingual responding panel where we offer you to choose your desired language.
  • Only AmbiPalm is providing the facility to track the live status of your ambulance.
  • AmbiPalm gives you the invoice with all the necessary details so that you can claim your insurance.
  • AmbiPalm stays closer to you in times of need, more than any other ambulance services provider.
  • We treat our customers as God and we have professional approach with personal care.
  • Out of all the ambulances provided by the government to 108, only 10% are working properly which is the major concern with the service. AmbiPalm gives you the best ambulances at cheapest prices.

AmbiPalm Is The Fastest Growing ambulance services aggregator in India. Considering the problems with dial-108, AmbiPalm is the best solution as they have 24/7 ambulance services available at most affordable prices. They reach you in the quickest time possible and ensure the most comfortable and safest transport of the patient to the nearest hospital. They also have a proud history of delivering the best services across India during the most crucial times.

The dial 108 emergency management numbers have given a simplified and handy access to the emergency services. The moment one falls in an emergency situation, he wants immediate help and in that time he should not be confused with three different numbers. In a medical emergency, ambulances play a crucial role and this is why they are also included in 108. With AmbiPalm, India has got a sigh of relief about 24/7 ambulance services. So in a medical emergency do not panic, keep calm and trust AmbiPalm

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