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Hyderabad is a beautiful city with advanced facilities. It is one of the best metropolitan cities in India. It is a busy area with a lot of traffic, So you never know when you need an emergency service. Sometimes it is hard to find an ambulance but with AmbiPalm, you can easily book an ambulance from any place to anywhere if it is a long distance. The distance between Hyderabad and Vijayawada is 272 Kms. AmbiPalm covers the distance as faster as it can. It has world-class ambulances with highly quality machinery inside the ambulance. Ambipalm also provides air ambulance services at affordable prices.

Everyone faces problems in their lives because our body is not perfect. We all have health issues for some reason. Sometimes we need emergency services to help us. But during such situations, we easily panic as we don't know what to do. If the issue is critical, doctors refer us to consult other hospitals in different places.

When you face difficulties in emergencies, be strong and search for the best way to get out of it. Download the AmbiPalm application from the play store to access the nearest ambulances. We are providing air ambulances for long distances.

What are The Types of Ambulances AmbiPalm Provides :

It is mandatory to have all types of ambulances that including BLS(Basic Life Support), ALS(Advanced Life Support), and PTS (Patient Transport Support) ambulances. These ambulances are used based on the severity of the patient's condition. Each ambulance has a specific use, So they are equipped differently.

Advance Life Support Ambulance

This is for patients who are in a critical stage of life. These are managed by only specialized people. ALS should be performed only by paramedics and healthcare providers who have undergone more extensive training than an EMT. An ALS provider can give the injection and even administer medication to a patient. An ALS can give basic treatment in case of cuts or injuries, Patients who are severely injured or need immense care are to be managed in an ALS ambulance. It is a kind of running ICU for patients.

Basic Life Support Ambulance

The basic life support ambulance is for all the patients who need transportation for emergency and non-emergency situations. In case of emergencies where the patients might be suffering from minor shortness of breath, minor trauma, psychiatric evaluation, and minor illness or something. This ambulance can be managed by normal EMTs.

Patient Transport Ambulance

Patient Transport Service is a non-emergency transport service for people who may need special support getting to and from their healthcare appointments. It is commonly given to a patient who should be moved to a hospital that can give a higher or more particular degree of care.

Air Ambulance

Air ambulances are the fastest ambulances in the world. AmbiPlam is providing the best Air ambulance services all over Hyderabad. Every city has a huge demand for emergency ambulance services. Ambipalm is the only ambulance service where you get the service at an affordable cost.

Either it is Ameerpet, Kukatpally, banjara hills, or any other place. just download AmbiPalm app or call 1800 270 911 911 and book your ambulance. AmbiPalm always provides cost effective ambulance services.

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