When is an Ambulance Service Required?

During any medical emergency, Ambulances can save the lives of many people. In some high emergencies situations like a pandemic, We are experiencing a scarcity of ambulances. This scarcity is creating a negative impact on our healthcare Industry. We all should be aware of the importance of ambulance services and their availability.

According to the World health organization (WHO), It is mandatory to have a1 ambulance for 10,000 people. In India, we have more than 10,000 ambulances for 1.3 billion people. However, this pandemic has increased the number of ambulances in the country. It is mandatory to have all types of ambulances that include BLS(Basic Life Support), ALS(Advanced Life Support), PTS (Patient Transport Support) ambulances. These ambulances are used based on the severity of the patient's condition. Each ambulance has a specific use, So they are equipped differently.

Ambulances help us in different conditions. We all should know about what times we have to call an ambulance and which ambulances to prefer for any patient in the situation. During an emergency or when you feel there should be medical help. At such times, You have to reach out to an ambulance service. It might help you reach the hospital faster as the situation will be in control. It helps us in the treatment of the patient in a better way. Here are some of the conditions and reasons for which ambulances to be called

1) Accidents with injury or bleeding

In any accident that includes injuries, we should reach out to an ambulance. If it is a severe accident, it is preferred for ALS as it has the equipment to treat accidents. The ALS ambulances have an oxygen supply with advanced machinery that deals with severe injuries. If it is a minor injury, You can go for BLS also.

2) Heavy Pain in the chest or abdomen

Pains in the body can often happen sometimes, But if it is a sudden severe pain for more than 3 or 4 minutes. Instead of waiting for any help, it is better to call an ambulance for a medical emergency. We never know what kind of pain it is. Hence it is good to reach the hospital before it is too late. To acquire an ambulance service in India, You can call any ambulance service number in your locality.

3) During a Heart attack

When someone around you feels an ache in their heart, contact an ambulance. Make sure you call an ALS ambulance because heart issues are very delicate. ALS ambulances can deal with such situations more carefully and professionally. Whether it is elders, adults, or children, Call an ambulance to reach the hospital at the right time. It can help you in settling the situation and decreasing the risk.

4) unconscious or fainting

Unconsciousness and fainting is the cause of uneasiness and fasting. Sometimes it might be dehydration. But if it is too long, it may be severe. This Unconsciousness might be because of any severe allergic reaction, So try using general methods to bring the person into consciousness. If that doesn't work, then call an ambulance immediately. If the patient is experiencing weakness physically, numbness in the eyes, and could speak properly. Don't wait for anything. Call an ambulance nearby you and reach out to the hospital for treatment.

5) Difficulties in Breathing.

Whenever someone feels difficulty breathing, you need to call an ambulance with a ventilator and oxygen cylinder. It might be any severe problem causing a respiratory issue. We should take care of ourselves and the people in our surroundings.

Not only for the above reasons but there are also many other times where an ambulance is required. Ambulance services are mandatory when people behave mentally unusual, patient transfer from one place to another, severe chronic diseases, and many others. For all the above problems, AmbiPalm is the one-stop solution. Ambipalm has all kinds of ALS, BLS, and PTS ambulance services available. AmbiPalm Provides you with Advanced Ambulance Services for Lowest Price. Book an ambulance at the Cheapest price by downloading the Ambipalm App or Call 1800 270 911 911.

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