s How Quick Can An Ambulance Reach The Location?

How Quick Can An Ambulance Reach The Location?

This is a very big question for many. How much more time? How long do we need to wait?
In a critical hour when you see your loved one suffering from pain, you feel every second is an hour. The wait seems never-ending and you start panicking and being restless. The moment of helplessness, the agony of the difficult situation, the hope of some miracle- all of it builds up in your mind.

Time is crucial
A lost time might mean a lost life. An ailing patient needs the attendance of a doctor. The sole purpose of an ambulance service is making the service of transportation easier without wasting any hour in any unnecessary obstacles. But so many times, finding a reliable service is difficult who knows the value of time.

Why the need for an app?

True there are many ambulance services but have you thought how many of them are reliable in an emergency. What if we give you an option to Download Ambulance Service app?
An app dedicated to offering ambulance services at your desired location at your desired time. The app is AmbiPalm.

Just the way you book your cab or order your favorite food from the nearest joint, you can book ambulances from this Ambulance Booking App in Bangalore. No long wait time. No worries of time being wasted in long traffic. You simply tap on the app to find the nearest ambulance available. Pick the vehicle, mention if you have any specific medical requirements, check the charges, and book your ambulance. It’s that easy and simple.
Medical facilities in an ambulance

We all have heard about medical mishaps like a death in an ambulance. We have heard doctors saying it’s too late; the patient could be saved if brought earlier. Here, we have to understand that the patient needed medical assistance on time to survive. If the ambulances are equipped with proper medical facilities, these issues can be avoided to some extent.

AmbiPalm is one such Ambulance Booking App in Hyderabad that gives you the option to choose a medically equipped ambulance. You can also avail the Ambulance Booking App in Bangalore.There are some basic options like ECG and oxygen but on-demand, you can also avail the ambulances with your required medical amenities.

About AmbiPalm

Currently, the service of this app is operational in two cities and will soon run pan India. The app also offers blood services. Through the app, you can donate blood. If you need blood, you can also request blood. As you provide the details of the blood group and your preferred location, you will get the list of the registered donors. You can directly contact and Request Bloodfrom the matching donors. All you need to do now is download ambulance service app and get yourself registered as a donor. This app has the potential to change the scenario of Medical Emergencies in India. All that is required is awareness and action from the community.

Download AmbiPalm

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