What Are The Medical Emergency Numbers in Kanpur?

Kanpur, which is majorly known for leather work and sugar production, is considered as the industrial capital of the state Uttar Pradesh. It has direct links with some of the other important cities like Delhi, Prayagraj, Agra, Kolkata, Lucknow, and Jhansi. These fast links increase the importance of Kanpur as a city. But on the other hand, the industrial grandeur affects people’s health too. Several health issues are common among the residents. The government has assigned different departments concerning the welfare of the city. One must be aware about the process to get the access to those departments. Everyone must know about the medical emergency numbers and other essential helplines in Kanpur which can be very useful if he/she gets stuck in an emergency situation. Along with the necessary contact numbers, it is equally important to know about the best ambulance services provider in Kanpur.

Ambulances assuages the risk of unpleasant results during an emergency as they work to link us with the decisive medical help. But it is sad to know that finding an ambulance on right time is often very problematic. Due to several reasons, we find it difficult to get an ambulance in times of need. Sometimes the availability, sometimes driver’s availability or seldom the higher costs become issue. But AmbiPalm makes ambulances available for every common man in the city. With AmbiPalm, Kanpur gets the best ambulance services at the most affordable prices. We are the only ambulance services providers that give negotiation option ensuring that you never compromise with your health because of money. Even after the technological and educational expansion, instead of understanding the relevance of it, people think of ambulances as a threat. We attempt to normalize ambulances in the society.

AmbiPalm is a 24/7 services provider with access to more than 500 ambulance providers. It is next to impossible for any organization to maintain alone the fluency of the healthcare in a city like Kanpur. Therefore AmbiPalm accumulates from different ambulance services providers and offers you the best rides. Through the 24/7 toll free number 1800-270-911-911 and the app, we are accessible to every single person in Kanpur. Along with the several essential numbers in the city, you can count upon AmbiPalm as you true companion during an emergency.

Here are few important numbers that every resident from Kanpur should know. These contact numbers are majorly provided by government and can be crucial in an emergency situation.

  • Ambulance: 102, 108
  • AmbiPalm toll free number: 1800-270-911-911
  • Women Helpline Number :1091
  • Child Helpline:1098
  • PCentralized Helpline Number: 112
  • National Health Helpline Number (NHP Voice Web): 1800-180-1104
  • Toll free number for Government Hospital Patients : 1800-180-5145
  • Anti-poison (Delhi) : 011-1066
  • AIDS Helpline:1097
  • Covid-19 Helpline: 1075, 011-23978046
  • UP Covid-19 Helpline: 1800-180-5145
  • Lala Lajpat Rai Hospital, Swaroop Nagar: 078789 46550
  • Kendriya Sarkar Swasth Sewa Aushdhalay :0512-266-6240
  • Life Line Blood Bank : 0788 723 6208
  • Sai Blood Bank :07985020724
  • Blood Bank Helpline: 1910
  • Eye Donation and Eye Bank :1053

AmbiPalm: Racing To Save Lives:

It is obvious that there will be problems while dealing with the circumstances but AmbiPalm looks beyond the traditional boundaries. We happily contributed in saving lives during the down and out situation in the country due to Corona virus. We were continuously active across Kanpur and its suburbs.

Time is a decisive element when it comes to ambulance services because reaching late can be life-threating. Pizza deliveries occur within 30 minutes but often ambulances fail to meet the urgency of time. AmbiPalm discerns the seriousness of time during emergency situations and delivers the services within 15 minutes. We make sure that after booking with us, the patients or their relatives do not panic or worry further about reaching the hospital. We undertake the responsibility and provide the personal care with professional excellence, thus AmbiPalm has become the best ambulance services provider in Kanpur. We intend to influence society in a positive way therefore we offer free of blood request/donate feature where you can volunteer to donate blood and also can request in times of need without paying a single penny.

AmbiPalm: One-stop Solution For Every Medical Emergency:

AmbiPalm is the fastest growing ambulance services provider in India. With finest vehicles and world class facilities, we are serving across 15 cities of India which are Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mysore, Bangalore, Durgapur, Asansol, Darjeeling, Kolkata, Kanpur, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Siliguri, Guntur, Pune, and Chennai.

AmbiPalm makes sure that no one suffers waiting for an ambulance. We offer the best ambulance services at the price of cabs and autos ensuring that it is affordable by every common man. We intend to create a social impact therefore the AmbiPalm App has the simplest procedure to book an ambulance. Once the customer gets connected with us, we never let him worry any further. Our motto is to create a social bubble in which no one dies in inadequacy of medical services. We aim to become India’s-911 where people would get every essential medical assistance. Since we are working 24/7, appreciations give motivation indeed. We always rank in top-3 among ambulance service providers in Bangalore as well as in other cities. We have got top ranking on Google and commendable rating of 4.8 also that felicitate our continuous efforts.

Why to Choose AmbiPalm:

In the time of fast pace pizza deliveries and cabs, AmbiPalm gives you the fastest and most-trustworthy ambulance services. With this tremendous facility, it has now become an easy task to book an ambulance and then track the "every second" status of it.

AmbiPalm has a professional approach with personal care. When you book an ambulance with us, you avail several perks for yourself:

  • AmbiPalm offers the facility to track the live status of your ambulance. Thus, you know the exact location of the ambulance in times of emergency and it also shows if there is traffic in the way.
  • We deliver the best services in the fastest time. In times of emergency times is the most crucial aspect and AmbiPalm values the time equal to life.
  • With AmbiPalm you do not have to pay huge amount. Compared to the pizza deliveries or Cabs, our cost is way cheaper. There is no hidden charges so you already know the right amount to be paid.
  • Offline tracking is also available in place of the app therefore bad/zero internet connectivity doesn’t bother you much. Dial our 24/7 toll free number 1800-270-911-911 and get the exact location of your ambulance.
  • AmbiPalm provides you the invoice with the exact details such as; distance (in km) and cost of the ride so that you can claim your insurance. If you have a health insurance and you want to claim for the expenses of treatment including ambulance charges. We give you the invoice so that no difficult comes in your way while claiming for insurance.
  • Multilingual assistance available. Apart from English, the caller get to choose from other vernacular languages such as; Telugu, Kannada, Bangla, and Hindi.

With technological expansion and growth in medical science, India has strengthen itself against several medical emergencies. As a compliment to this development, AmbiPalm aims to integrate all the assistance regarding medical emergencies.

Except AmbiPalm, no other ambulance services provider gives the choice to track the live status of ambulances which makes us the most trusted ambulance aggregator in Kanpur. We treat our customers as God and therefore we are racing to save lives.

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