What are The Medical Emergency Numbers in Chennai?

As the developments in the country are touching new skies, we are exposed to several medical emergencies too. Covid-19 is the latest example that impacted each and everyone across the globe. It has now become very important to educate ourselves about health. In the hush and bush of Chennai, managing personal healthcare is way more important.

Chennai is known for its beautiful culture, unique food and coastal life. With a wider range of trade and a rich cinema industry, the city stands as one of the major economic spearheads in Southern India. But, it also stays on the edge of several natural calamities. Being a coastal plain area, Chennai is a hot and humid place and this climate remains the same throughout the year at max. All these circumstances put challenges to life here and at the same time, natural catastrophes like Cyclones, Flood have also affected the city many times. Considering the danger to the lifestyle and healthcare of the residents and visitors, it is very important to know about all the medical emergency numbers in Chennai.

The state government of Tamil Nadu and the Central government have provided few helpline numbers for the benefit of the people. Keeping the conditions of Tamil Nadu or Chennai in mind, the government has distributed the responsibilities to different departments. These are dedicated to dealing with several emergencies in the city as well as the state. Including this, there are private organizations too like AmbiPalm Health Pvt. Ltd. which are giving strong hands to the healthcare system of Chennai. One must know about these emergency numbers to ensure instant help in times of need. AmbiPalm is the best ambulance services provider in Chennai, bringing all the medical emergency services on one platform through the app as well as toll-free number 1800-270-911-911. In the below table, there is a list of all the medical and other emergency numbers in Chennai which can be very helpful during critical situations.

  • Ambulance - 102, 108
  • AmbiPalm toll-free number - 1800-270-911-911
  • Women Helpline Number - 1091
  • Child Helpline - 1098
  • Fire - 101
  • Coastal Security Helpline - 1093
  • Disaster Helpline - 1077
  • 24 hours complaints cell - 1913
  • AIDS control organization - 1097
  • Eye bank - 1919
  • Uma Eye Clinic - 26213670
  • Government Stanley Hospital Blood Bank - 25214941
  • Rotary Blood Bank - 24881392
  • Indian Red Cross Society - 28554425
  • Child Trust Hospital Blood Bank - 28259601, 28259593
  • Kasturba Hospital for Women - 28545449
  • Government Stanley Hospital - 25281347
  • Govt. Hospital for Women & Children - 28191982
  • Trauma Care Consortium - 28150700, 28240311
  • Govt. General Hospital - 25305000
  • Govt. Kilpauk Hospital - 28364951

The above table can be a great help for you during a medical emergency or a situation aroused by natural disasters. Since Chennai is a big city with a population of more than 10 million then it is not easy for the government organizations alone to handle the emergency services in the city. Therefore AmbiPalm dedicates itself not just to providing the best ambulance services in the city but also accumulates all the medical emergency services on one platform.

AmbiPalm: One-stop Slution For Every Medical Emergency:

The reason behind why people like visiting multi-stores is that they can find everything in one store and they have not to roam store to store for different things. Above everything, it helps in saving a lot of time. AmbiPalm concentrates all the emergency medical services including ambulance services, blood, and nutrition. These three services are the most important aspects of any healthcare system. The ambulance services ensure the safest transport of the patients from one destination to another during a medical emergency or a natural disaster. After the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for blood in Chennai has also increased. In this regard, a reliable source is what the city needs. AmbiPalm offers free of cost blood services where you can request and donate blood without spending a single coin. As the same, knowing about the ways to get the right nutrition can also be a great help. When you follow a precise nutritious healthy diet, you can save yourself from getting stuck in major diseases. AmbiPalm gives you daily nutrition updates and efforts to educate you about health and nutrition.

We believe that no one should struggle in finding an ambulance or any other health emergency assistance. Therefore we have brought you the most user-friendly mobile app. It gives you the opportunity to book an ambulance, request/donate blood and solutions for nutrition in the simplest ways. You can also book ambulances and avail of our blood services through 24/7 toll-free number 1800-270-911-911.

AmbiPalm has accumulated the finest ambulances and put them in Chennai’s service. We have got the experience to tackle the challenges of the capital of Tamil Nadu and we are well aware of the demand of the healthcare system of the city. AmbiPalm is determined to communicate the best health services to the people of Chennai at pocket-friendly prices. We are active in 15 different cities of India which are Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Darjeeling, Bangalore, Mysore, Kanpur, Lucknow, Guntur, Durgapur, Asansol, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Chennai, and Pune.

Apart from road ambulances, AmbiPalm provides air ambulances also across India. We also offer international transfers by air ambulances. Although this service costs more than road ambulance services we have compacted the cost for air ambulance services in a way that suits the Indian public.

AmbiPalm: Racing to Save Lives:

Running ambulance services in a city like Chennai is a very challenging task. It requires extra efforts and personalized strategies to meet the pace of the city. We understand the hustle of the beautiful ancient place and for that, we provide the finest ambulances and a team of skilled drivers who are well acquainted with all the corners.

Unlike other ambulance services providers, AmbiPalm takes minimum time to reach the patient. Either government or private organizations, their ambulances take at least half an hour to reach the destination. But AmbiPalm delivers its services within 15 minutes of booking. Hence, time plays the most important role in emergencies, AmbiPalm never avoids the urgency. Therefore we are racing to save lives in Chennai and the suburbs.

Why Choose AmbiPalm:

During the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, much news came out telling that ambulance services providers charged a massive amount of money. However, there was neck-choking demand for ambulances at that time but, such act is any which unethical. These activities affect the mind of common people in the country. Due to the fear of heavy charges, people often avoid calling an ambulance when they need it most.

Losing someone brings unbearable pain and if you lose the person because an ambulance was not affordable, that breaks the heart. AmbiPalm intends to make sure that no one loses someone due to the lack of an ambulance. AmbiPalm is the only ambulance services provider to offer negotiation. We want to ensure that nobody drags himself back from calling an ambulance because his budget is low at the moment. We also give you an option to track the live status of your booked ambulance so that you know the exact status of your ride.

Download the AmbiPalm app from the Play Store or App Store and avail of our services in the simplest ways. We are available 24/7 on the digital platform as well as toll-free number 1800-270-911-911. We also offer you to choose your desired language for communication ensuring that no barrier should come in the way of calling for an ambulance.

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