How to Stay Safe During Natural Disasters in 2021

When natural disasters strike, all of our safety precautions are turned off. At best, these disasters are frightening, yet at worst, they are life-threatening. The coming years seem risky, with more natural disasters possible. Considering the situation, we must know how to stay safe during natural disasters in 2021.

India has the 2nd largest population in the world and it is highly at risk of natural disasters. On several occasions, different natural disasters have caused heavy loss for assets and life too. The previous calamities have struck people hard and therefore everyone wants not to face such destruction. Due to the severity of the earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes that are often echoed across the news after future disasters, you must pay close attention to any signs from the government. Although we cannot stop these disasters to happen but reducing the loss is in our hands. There are specific precautions to be followed for different sorts of natural calamities. Government and private organizations have provided several instructions and guidelines that we should follow in case we get stuck in such situations.

What To Do During Earthquakes:

Earthquakes are most often disasters in India. They occur because of the motion in tectonic plates causing serious hazards. The tips of the plates are coarse and the remaining plates keep on moving. When the plates have moved, the edges get free on the faults, and that process, in the end, results in an earthquake.

Few important things can help us to save our lives and also help others:

  • When you are indoor, find a table or any such furniture take shelter under that until the shaking is over.
  • You should stay away from easily breakable things such as; glass, walls, windows, etc.
  • Avoid using lifts during earthquakes.
  • Try staying in before the shaking goes off.
  • When you are outside, stand in open space only.
  • Strictly avoid standing near a building, electricity poles, and wires.
  • Earthquakes often cause a collapse of buildings therefore we should avoid passing near a building or standing alongside.

How to Be Protected During Cyclones:

A cyclone occurs due to winds encircling in the Northern Hemisphere around a low-pressure centre. It travels at a speed of more than 70 km/h. During a cyclone cool air goes up and down, whirling that creates heavy rainfall. When it happens in tropical areas, it is called Hurricane which can stay up to 10 days and more causing heavy rainfall, strong winds, and storm.

To keep yourself safe during a cyclone you should be aware of these precautions:

  • The moment you hear an alert for a cyclone, look for a shelter and stay in.
  • Keep an eye on any drastic change in weather and stay tuned with the information which the government is providing.
  • If you see dark (green coloured) clouds, frightening roars in the sky, do not roam on the roads or open ground. You should immediately look for a shelter because it can be a cyclone.
  • Do not ignore signs of a storm.
  • Avoid being around a river, sea, waterfall.

How You Can Stay Safe During Tsunami:

Tsunamis are the results of excessive waves in the oceans that occur due to volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, or underwater landslides. These are very destructive and create huge losses to whatever comes in the way. In 2004, there was massive destruction in India due to Tsunami.

When such a situation arrives, you must know to:

  • Move as far away as possible from the sea/ocean.
  • Avoid staying on higher grounds and move to lower plains.
  • Keep on checking for updates from the government regarding the disaster and stay in touch with the helplines.
  • Do not be in flooded or destructed areas.

How to Protect Yourself During Flood:

Floods happen frequently in India, especially around areas like Bihar and Odisha. In recent times, Kerala, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu have been affected by the destructive flood. It can cause huge loss to life and belongings. Plethoric rainfall, destruction of dams, and Tsunamis cause the flood.

During a flood you must know the following tips to save you and your family from some serious destructions:

  • Stay away from rivers or waterfalls.
  • Avoid driving or walking on the bridges that are made over fast-flowing water bodies.
  • Stay away from dams as they might create a sudden increase in water level, turning into a flood.
  • Do not stand near electricity wires and electricity poles.
  • Try to be on higher grounds.
  • Along with following these safety measures, you must not panic during a natural disaster. The most important thing in such situations is to stay calm and do the right thing at right time. Having said that, ambulances also play a crucial role in saving lives during a natural disaster. You must dial emergency numbers provided by the government or try to be in touch with emergency medical and ambulance services providers such as AmbiPalm. AmbiPalm is the leading ambulance services aggregator across 15 cities in India. Along with hi-tech cities like Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, it also provides services in hilly places like Siliguri and Darjeeling. AmbiPalm is known for giving the fastest ambulance services and medical assistance in times of emergency.

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