Can I Track The Ambulance Through My Mobile Phone?

The technological boom has revolutionized the way of living. It has eradicated the stereotypical ways of looking at things. Now, you can order anything with the help of your smartphone only. Food, Fashion, Grocery, Entertainment, all are available in your palm. Needless to say, ambulances and medical emergency services are inevitable parts of our lives. With AmbiPalm you can now book an ambulance with the ease of ordering a pizza. We have simplified the process of booking an ambulance with our app and 24/7 toll free number.

In addition to this, AmbiPalm also lets you track your booking. It is always beneficial to know the exact location of your ambulance so that the patient doesn’t panic during emergency situations. It is somewhere helpful for the family while patient is being transported to the hospital. They can know the right location of the patient and anticipate how much distance is left to reach the hospital. While going for a longer ride, patient and the family members may feel anxious therefore Track the ambulance facility is very useful in such situations, as it puts you aligned with the status of your ambulance.

AmbiPalm brings you the ambulance in your palm. Here, you can book as well as track the Live Location of the ambulance easily with simple steps. Download the app from Play Store or App Store or simply dial the toll free number: 1800-270-911-911.

AmbiPalm is the only ambulance services provider in India that gives the option of tracking your ambulance. In case you are stuck in an area where internet is not working properly and you are unable to track the ambulance through our app, you need not to worry about this. We also offer Offline Ambulance Tracking Facility thus you can dial our 24/7 toll free number and get the live status of your ambulance.

How to Book An Ambulance With AmbiPalm

AmbiPalm has the simplest and most comfortable process of booking an ambulance. We provide you both, online and offline methods of booking. As soon as you book with us, we undertakes your problems and deliver you the best services in shortest time possible. AmbiPalm avails you the world class services at very affordable prices along with negotiation. You can also visit the website at and book an ambulance according to your need. Simply visit the page and select your "pickup" and "drop location" and AmbiPalm will reach you in the quickest time possible.

How Can I Track My Ambulance Through My Mobile Phone?

Tracking the live location can be very useful while going for longer rides and also when the patient is critical condition. It might lessen down the anxiety of relatives or family of the patient. AmbiPalm excels in providing the best and fastest ambulance services in more than 15 cities in India, today. It has, in fact, simplified the process of medical assistance in times of emergency. As a matter of fact punctuality of ambulances is one of the major points in saving a life. At the same time, it can be hell-hard to get an ambulance right when you need it. AmbiPalm pushes the conventional boundaries and brings you the best services at your fingertips.

After booking, you can track the ambulance through your booking ID on the app, on the official website, and you can also get the offline live status through our toll-free number. No other ambulance service aggregator than AmbiPalm provides you the facility of tracking the live location of your ambulance. Along with other perks, we also have the offline tracking mode thus you need not to panic if there is no internet or you do not have a smartphone. Call us and we will provide you the right status of your ambulance that too in your preferred languages.

Why to Choose AmbiPalm

In the time of fast pace pizza deliveries and cabs, AmbiPalm gives you the fastest and most-trustworthy ambulance services. With this tremendous facility, it has now become an easy task to book an ambulance and then track the "every second" status of it.

AmbiPalm Has a Professional Approach With Personal Care. When You Book An Ambulance With Us, you avail several perks for yourself:

  • AmbiPalm offers the facility to track the live status of your ambulance. Thus, you know the exact location of the ambulance in times of emergency and it also shows if there is traffic in the way.
  • We deliver the best services in the fastest time. In times of emergency times is the most crucial aspect and AmbiPalm values the time equal to life.
  • With AmbiPalm you do not have to pay huge amount. Compared to the pizza deliveries or Cabs, our cost is way cheaper. There is no hidden charges so you already know the right amount to be paid.
  • Offline tracking is also available in place of the app therefore bad/zero internet connectivity doesn’t bother you much. Dial our 24/7 toll free number 1800-270-911-911 and get the exact location of your ambulance.
  • AmbiPalm provides you the invoice with the exact details such as; distance (in km) and cost of the ride so that you can claim your insurance. If you have a health insurance and you want to claim for the expenses of treatment including ambulance charges. We give you the invoice so that no difficult comes in your way while claiming for insurance.
  • Multilingual assistance available. Apart from English, the caller get to choose from other vernacular languages such as; Telugu, Kannada, Bangla, and Hindi.

In India, pizza orders and cabs could be tracked but now with AmbiPalm, it is possible that you can track the live status of your ambulance. Also we provide the world class services at very affordable prices. We determined to make a difference in the society, differently. We treat our customers as God and therefore we are racing to save lives.

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