What Types Of Insurance Covers Ambulance Services?

Considering the expenses of medical treatment, health emergencies can be problematic at times. Sometimes it drains out the account if the treatment extends up to months. As the cost for every services have increased and ambulance services are no longer available for free, one must be prepared for such emergency situations with health insurance plans. Health insurance is beneficial during the road or air ambulance transport and medical treatments.

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has shown that life has no certainty and anybody might fall in a life-threatening situation anytime. Despite being conscious about health, anyone can face a serious medical condition which may lead him to pay huge amount during ambulance rides and further treatment. Regardless of your future saving plans, you might face an unpredictable problem anytime. In case you do not have a health insurance plan, you might end up spending your entire saving. In India, there are many insurance companies that provide different sorts of insurance claim so you have to pick the best suited plan out of them.

Are Ambulances Covered by Health Insurance?

In India, people are confused about what insurance covers ambulance rides, are ambulance services covered by insurance, or will insurance pay for ambulance? These general questions come in people’s mind while calling for an ambulance. They are not sure if their health insurance would cover the pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization cost. There are plenty of health insurance policies available in the market and one should know of the best suited insurance policy according to him. In case you are facing a serious health issue or a life-threatening emergency, and you require an air ambulance, the ride and further expenses can ravage your savings. In this regard you must know about the best health insurance plans in India that pay the cost of ambulance rides and ensure the coverage of treatment expenses.

The Best Health Insurance Plans in India

In case you require an immediate medical assistance, you need to get an ambulance. On some occasions, ambulance rides might be expensive. There are several health insurance plans in India but some of them might not bear the ambulance expenses therefore you must know what are the best health insurance plans in India that cover the maximum of your expenses during treatment. Here are the best health insurance companies that provide maximum claim.

Star Family Health Optima Policy:

This is one of the best health insurance plan that covers your entire family under one insurance policy. Anyone in India can buy this policy if he is above 18 or up to 65. It covers the cost of pre-hospitalization, hospital treatment, and the post-hospitalization. The plan ranges between 1 lakh to 25 lakh that can give you a sigh of relief if you are dealing with any serious disease.

Manipal Cigna Pro-Health Insurance:

This is a comprehensive insurance plan which ranges between 2.5 lakhs to 1 crore. Anyone above 18 can buy this plan and the best part is that it has no age limit entry feature. This policy covers all the expenses starting from an ambulance ride to post-hospitalization cost, including maternity cost and newborn expenses.

Acko Health Insurance Policy:

Acko has one of the most dynamic insurance plans in India with widest ranges from 3 lakhs to 10 crores. It is a comprehensive insurance policy that covers people who are at least 91 days old and it has no maximum age limitation. The policy will pay for on-road ambulance rides, pre-hospitalization cost, post-hospitalization cost, organ donor expenses and also the international medical expenses.

Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Insurance Policy:

Royal Sundaram Lifeline Plan is a compensation health policy that covers the expenses of an individual as well as his family on the floater basis. Anyone who is above 18 can buy this plan for him, or for spouse, or for his children and there is no maximum age limit for entry in this plan. The sum assured ranges between Rs. 2 lakh and Rs. 1.5 crore, providing several benefits. It provides claim for all the expenses starting from ambulance rides to post-hospitalization cost, and also AYUSH treatment expenses.

Apollo Munich Optima Restore Plan:

This insurance plan is one of the finest policies in India. Along with the individual it also benefits the spouse, parents, parents-in-law and dependent children. The age eligibility for this plan is 5-65 years and it provides the sum assured from 3 lakh to 50 lakhs. It also covers the ambulance expenses up to 2000 per hospitalization including emergency air ambulance cover.

How Do I Claim My AmbiPalm Ambulance?

AmbiPalm provides the best ambulance services across India at very affordable prices. Despite that fact, if you are suffering from a disease that asks you to visit doctor or nearest nursing facility on a regular basis, you must have an insurance plan that covers ambulance cost. Once you acquire services from AmbiPalm, we provide you a proper invoice with all the necessary details on it. You need to show the invoice or submit the invoice copy to your insurance company in order to claim the cover for ambulance cost. After you follow the procedure under the terms and conditions of the company, you get your claim.

It is necessary to have ambulance cover in your insurance plan, especially considering the present circumstances. You must read the terms and conditions carefully before buying any insurance plan because few companies limit the number of claim. Therefore you need to check whether the plan suits you or not. There are several insurance plans available in the market providing multiple benefits. The best way to buy the most suitable insurance plan is to compare the policy with other policies or you can also visit the official website of insurance brokers like insurancedekho.com where you get detailed information about different insurance companies and plans.

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