What does an Air Ambulance do?

An air ambulance is a vehicle that transports a patient for treatment through an air medium. It might be a helicopter or a flight planned to be an ambulance with all the facilities required for a patient. These aircraft can provide emergency care while onboarding to any country for treatment. Air ambulances are becoming more popular and can be used to provide emergency care in remote areas.

The major role of an air ambulance is to evacuate the patient very quickly. Even if it is long-distance, air ambulances aim to cross it within hours. The price of air ambulance travel might be a little expensive than the normal road ambulance, But they provide smoother and safe transportation in short span. AmbiPalm came up with affordable air ambulances for common people. You can book these air ambulances very quickly with AmbiPalm.

When to choose air ambulance services through AmbiPalm?

When the road connectivity is poor to the area where the patient is to be transported, You can easily choose an air ambulance from your area. If the patient needs to be transported to another place very quickly for any transplantation treatments or any other where time is the major constraint, Choose air ambulances from AmbiPalm to get safe and secure ambulance services.

Some patients need high-end treatment which is in other countries/ metropolitan cities. It is very important to choose the right ambulance for transporting the patient at such times. AmbiPalm will assist you with good air ambulances in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata and many other places in India for patient transport.

How to book an air ambulance on AmbiPalm:

AmbiPalm has simplified the process of booking ambulances. You can go to our app or website, follow simple steps and relax. We will reach you at the fastest time possible. With one click, you get all the necessary information about us, and with the simplest steps, you can book an air ambulance with us. Contact AmbiPalm and leave your tension on us because we have the most professional work style backed with personal care. You can book an ambulance on your smartphone through AmbiPalm app or by visiting our official website www.ambipalm.com. You can also book through the 24/7 toll-free number 1800-270-911-911, where our team will assist you in booking quality air ambulance services.

Apart from the fastest air ambulance services at the most affordable prices, we also offer some essential services.
We also offer a free blood donation services, not only ambulance services. In any trauma situation or accident, the patient requires immediate blood. Sometimes, it seems next to impossible to arrange the required blood. AmbiPalm undertakes this responsibility too. Here you can ask for blood and also can voluntarily donate.

In AmbiPalm, you also get help choosing the right type of ambulance, depending on the emergency. And here is the best part, we have 24x7 multilingual support team who can talk English, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, and Bengali. A pre-booking option is also available at the cheapest prices on the toll-free number and also can schedule it on our app!

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