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AmbiPalm will be right there at your fingertips offering Online Ambulance service giving an edge to medical assistance. In the age of instant cabs and pizzas, we started off with the idea of online ambulance service to make ambulance booking quick and hassle-free.

Medical emergencies! An issue long put second on priority. AmbiPalm is here to change the idea with online ambulance booking services and providing a platform to Request or Donate Blood.

Online Ambulance service

What is AmbiPalm ?

When seconds count, Count on AmbiPalm.

AmbiPalm - Racing to Save Lives

Booking an Ambulance using AmbiPalm

Download the AmbiPalm app from Google Play or Apple’s App Store and register yourself in a single step and book an Ambulance of your choice.
Now your ambulance will arrive in the shortest possible time at your set location.
Ambulance can also be booked from AmbiPalm website.



Open AmbiPalm App or the Website


Select Pickup
Drop Location

Find the Donors or Requestors near you


Features that
you want

Tap on them and Request/ Donate Blood


is on
its way

Get notified when someone responds/ requests.

Types of Ambulances

We provide different types of Ambulances thru AmbiPalm. Choose as per your requirement to book your ambulance in minutes.
The below will help you decide which type of Ambulance is recommended for the medical situation at hand.

Advanced Life Support

Advanced Life Support

ALS (Advance Life Support) is for those critical situations where your loved one needs Hospital on wheels. ALS is equipped with state of the art ICU like features such as – Ventilators, MultiPara Monitor, Intubation, AED, etc.

Basic Life Support

Basic Life Support

BLS (Basic Life Support) is for those times when you need to get to hospital or out from hospital and you do not need any special support. BLS comes with Oxygen Cylinder, MultiPara Monitor, Wheel Chair, Stretcher and other equipment to ensure your loved one is provided with all the support needed to reach the destination.

Patient Tranport Vehicle lazy

Patient Tranport Vehicle

PTS (Patient Transport Service) – There are times when you just need to relocate the patient to get a scan done or a test done, or you might need to relocate your loved one to a different place. In moments like that, Patient Transport Service comes handy. For a very reasonable cost you can get an Ambulance that will enable you to move the patient comfortably. Patient Transport Service also helps you in times when you need to carry your deceased loved ones.

Request or Donate Blood

Need Blood for your loved one or a friend? Use AmbiPalm to find hundreds of donor volunteers who are willing to donate blood at a short notice. Be it Blood/ Platelets/ Covid Plasma, you can request or donate using AmbiPalm App and Website.
Be the one to save lives. Be responsible towards a life. Be a donor. As you might need it back one day. Request or Donate Blood through AmbiPalm.

and Register

Open AmbiPalm App or the Website

Request or
Donate Blood

Find the Donors or Requestors near you


Tap on Donor or Requestor


Get Notified on Request/ Response

Know Your Blood!

It saves lives is the best answer to this. Blood is necessary for any complex operation and it’s only donation that can make the operation possible and save lives.

Anyone who is physically fit and is above 18 years of age can donate blood. If you are not sure, call our helpline and we will guide you!

A healthy human can donate Blood every 3 months. You can donate your Blood, Platelets, Plasma and Covid Plasma (if you have recovered from covid and are doing well for the last 28 days). Plasma gets regenerated every 2 days, and you can donate 2 units of plasma every time.

A+ve, B+ve, O+ve are normally considered common blood groups. However there are different types of blood groups such as O Rh-positive, O Rh-negative, A Rh-positive, A Rh-negative, B Rh-positive, B Rh-negative, AB Rh-positive, AB Rh-negative

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