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AmbiPalm – The Best Ambulance App for Emergency

Times are hard and emergencies can emerge out of anywhere in this hour where the Nation is under such a medical crisis. The ambulance Bangalore needs now can be provided by AmbiPalm. Time is a crucial factor in emergencies and getting an Ambulance in Bangalore can be difficult if you are not prepared. Book an ambulance in Bangalore the easiest way with AmbiPalm.

AmbiPalm Ambulance services offer dedicated support with medically equipped Emergency ambulance with excellent onboarding facilities such as Oxygen Cylinder, Emergency Medical Support Kit and other necessary medical equipment. With AmbiPalm, you can easily search for an ambulance near me. As you book an ambulance, you will get options for different kinds of ambulance services. Choose the right Emergency ambulance as per the medical requirement.

There are many Ambulance services in Bangalore that charge high, making emergencies more miserable. Do not fall for the trick of such ambulance services. With AmbiPalm, you can book an ambulance in Bangalore by checking the estimate. AmbiPalm Ambulance services are working round the clock with 500+ ambulances in Bangalore to reach any location within the quickest possible time. With AmbiPalm, you not only get the updates of an ambulance near me. The app also offers blood services to patients.

AmbiPalm is among the best Ambulance services in Bangalore as it is quick. The app lets you search and book an ambulance in a hassle-free way. You can also pre-book an ambulance to ensure a seamless transfer. AmbiPalm Ambulance services in Bangalore also offer intercity transfers. So, if you need Ambulance services in Mysore, you can get help from AmbiPalm. We offer affordable Ambulance services in Bangalore that ensure patients’ safety & convenience during an emergency.

AmbiPalm emergency ambulances are best-equipped with ALS, BLS, & Patient Transport which you can select while you book an ambulance. So, the next time, you book an ambulance in Bangalore, stop dialing and start clicking. Get started with easy ambulances, Bangalore!

Our Services

Medical Transportation

Powered Ambulance

Standby Ambulance

Patient Transport Ambulance

Inter-City Patient Transport

Air Ambulance

Customised Ambulance

Type of Ambulance

Advanced Life Support

A Large vehicle, Advanced Life Support is used for critical patients. The Ambulance consists of an array of ICU equipment. It has an in-built ventilator with oxygen cylinder, BP monitor, and specialized medication required.

Basic Life Support

Basic Life support is a large van with important and basic medical equipment. However, is not for critical patients and long durations.

Patient Transport Vehicle

The Patient Transport Service Vehicle is used to transfer non-critical patients from one place to another It is equipped with a stretcher as well.

How to Book Ambulance

  • Select your pick up and drop
  • Choose Your Ambulance
  • Select the Services
  • Negotiate and pay your desired Price
  • Ambulance is on its way

How to Book Ambulance

Basic Life Support
Basic Life Support
Basic Life Support
Basic Life Support
Basic Life Support

Select your pick up and drop

Choose Your

Select your nearest Ambulance

Negotiate and pay your desired Price

Ambulance is
on its way

Why Choose AmbiPalm?

Faster than ever

AmbiPalm aims to provide medical support to patients in the shortest time possible.

Book with a Click

Book an Ambulance from Anywhere like how you book a Cab

Quality First

AmbiPalm believes in providing quality as its top priority.

Real-Time Tracking

Arm yourself with relevant information like tracking efficiently with Google Maps.

Cheapest Price

We provide services to you at the best affordable prices that fit your budget.

Request / Donate Blood

You can volunteer or raise a request with just a single call.


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Booking an Ambulance using AmbiPalm

Download the AmbiPalm app from Google Play or Apple’s App Store and register yourself in a single step and book an Ambulance of your choice.

Now your ambulance will arrive in the shortest possible time at your set location.

Ambulance can also be booked from AmbiPalm website.

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