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Ambipalm- Racing to save lives, an App based company is building India’s fastest Medical Transport system and aims to become the 911 of India for all emergency/non-emergency needs. Whenever in need of an ambulance that comes with professionalism, care and state of the art quality, AmbiPalm ensures just that through its seemless App experience.

Our Vision
India’s World’s India’s World’s India’s

- 911


Our Service Promise

AmbiPalm will be right there at your fingertips offering Online Ambulance service giving an edge to medical assistance. In the age of instant cabs and pizzas, we started off with the idea of online ambulance service to make ambulance booking quick and hassle-free.

Medical emergencies! An issue long put second on priority. AmbiPalm is here to change the idea with online ambulance booking services and providing a platform to Request or Donate Blood.

Online Ambulance service

AmbiPalm - Racing to save lives

An organisation with a cause. That’s how we define ourselves. Our goal is to save lives by helping people get an Ambulance in the shortest possible time at the lowest cost that they’re able to negotiate and are comfortable. We strive to become the defacto platform for Blood Donations and Requests.

Our vision ever since the birth of AmbiPalm in early 2020 has been to become India’s 911 and in the long run, to be the world’s 911 too.

Just like how easy it is to get a cab or order food, so should be getting an Ambulance when in need of any kind of medical transport.

In an emergency, the last thing you wish for is delay. We have our ambulance providers who are always on the go with their vehicles. With AmbiPalm you get to choose the type of the ambulance you want, and the features that you need. Our advanced algorithms help you get the Driver with the Ambulance that matches your exact requirements in the Shortest possible time.

We believe each life matters!

Brains behind AmbiPalm

Kameron Abraham

Kameron Abraham

Kameron Abraham is a real estate developer and entrepreneur. He has a diverse entrepreneurial background including real estate development and in the medical industry including pharmacies and medical companies.

Born of immigrants that moved to the United States his entrepreneurial life began at the early age of just 10 years old. He worked after school and weekends selling everything from souvenirs and novelty items at all hours of the night and day outside of High-end restaurants and businesses as a sole provider to support his entire family of 7 which included his mum, dad 2 brothers and 2 sisters, Him being the middle child Kameron quickly learnt his entrepreneurial skills and spirit before ever becoming a teenager Kameron was a shy child but quickly came out his shell as there was no other way of survival especially in the cold hard streets of Los Angeles.

He learnt to be the compassionate, kind, humble, sincere human being he is today and to be the spiritual soul always to care and appreciate the simple things in life and to always put the less fortunate first because of what he witnessed in the harsh surrounding environments of the streets that consisted him of his whole childhood.

While other kids were playing in the park and having fun Kameron was forced into learning extensive survival skills and mechanisms which included business and negotiation skills, communication skills and a vast sense of humility all to make sure his family had food to eat and a roof over their heads. Kameron learnt about the law of attraction and the art of visualization and meditation at the age of 19 as he a spiritually awakened soul he found his strengths and inner powers that put this young man on the path of wanting to make a difference in the world and touching other people’s lives.
He knows and he believes that God put him through all the hardships to leave a footprint of good in this world.

In 2005 Kameron became a huge success and realized dreams do come true now in 2020 his dream to help save peoples lives all over the world has come to fruition with his Ambipalm health private limited App he is now able to do so and truly save peoples lives with this
Amazing technology, he and his team have worked extensively and dedicated years to make this dream a reality.

Kameron's only wish is that once he leaves this earth, so he will leave peacefully, is knowing that he helped humanity, saved peoples lives and changed the world.

Leonard Jackson

Leonard Jackson

All didn’t start off well when it comes to Leonard’s life. He had a very humble childhood. His parents ran from pillar to post to make both ends meet. Even though the odds were stacked against him, it was his determination to be successful and leave a mark amongst his family, friends, peers, alike. Even though there were challenges and obstacles, he has always fought through every circumstance. He’s the 3rd child of the 4 kids his parents had together. He’s a die-hard fan of football and is a dedicated follower and admirer of Lionel Messi.

Due to his excruciating and demanding circumstances financially he had to start working at a very early age. While young people his age were beginning to enjoy adulthood, he was left with no other option but to start working early to support the family. He has close to 20 years of professional experience ranging from International BPOs, Training and Logistics industry. He is a versatile trainer cum life coach and has trained over 10,000 candidates in different Soft Skills Programs, Customer Experience Workshops, Leadership and Mentoring sessions, etc. in corporate companies and colleges. He has a proven record of Solid Management Capabilities with a consistency track record.

It was dream of his younger brother, Sean Michael Jackson to start a company. However, that dream was cut short as he had lost his life in the year 2016 through a motorbike accident. However, he wasn’t ready to let that dream fade away and decided to pursue that path. Even though it was his life’s biggest risk as no one in his family or previous generations ventured out with their own business but Leonard decide to take the daunting task of going against all odds and fulfil the dream of his late brother. In 2016, along with his wife, Doris, he set up their first company, SDL Soft Tech Private Limited which was a BPO based out of Kolkata, India. 4 years later, with quite a substantial growth and experience, a new company was formed along with again his wife and Mr. Kameron Abraham. The company known as AmbiPalm Health Private Limited works as an aggregator for ambulances.

With a vision to always help people in need through a successful business model, he has moved ahead with the belief that when you aim for the stars and have a strong conviction that with self-determination anything can be achieved, his labour has borne fruits.

Like he always says “Making a Difference, Differently” and through AmbiPalm, we’ll always be ‘Racing to save lives’.

Doris Pradhan

Doris Pradhan

Someone who looks at the bigger picture and always thinks out of the box. A task master that always pushes for perfection without compromise. Self-determination, belief and the strong will to go on, pushing the boundaries and setting new standards for excellence. These are some of the attributes that make up who Doris is.

She hails from the ‘City of Joy’ where she has lived most of her life. Doris comes from a family who is highly respected with her mother being a reputable principal and her father from the Tollywood industry. Being the only daughter, pressure was always to do well whether it be academics, sports or any other walk of life. Her mind was always set to be on top of the pack and set an example for others to follow.

Doris was placed with an All India Rank of 54 in The National Eligibility Test (NET). She is a PhD Scholar in the field of Plant Bio-Technology. Her dream and passion is to always help others in whatever capacity possible. Like she always says “I want to be a Difference Maker”.

She wore the robe of ‘entrepreneur’, the first time in the year 2017 when she became the Founder Director of SDL Soft Tech Private Limited from the BPO industry. Her planning, strategizing, execution filled with zeal saw the company moving in a positive direction. 2020 was a game changer year for her as she was able to launch a new company called AmbiPalm Health Private Limited along with her husband Leonard and business partner, Kameron who is based out of the US. Through this company, she wishes to give back to the community in whatever capacity she can as giving back to life has always been on her mind.

Awards and Recognitions

A Word from our Founders

Making a DIFFERENCE, DIFFERNTLY has always been our passion while growing up. Holding true to this above statement, we always envisioned of creating a feature that would not only impact the current generation but also the generations to come.

We speak through our own experiences in life. To always be better prepared, we started focusing on an area that could help in situations which are life threatening.
As we have seen all though our lives, especially in India, getting an ambulance on time has always been our pain area, not to mention the time consumed to get our loved ones to hospital on time. This delay, in a lot of occasions have led to a loss of life.

In our relentless pursuit of generating a situation which would be life saving, we thought and came up with a solution that would serve that purpose. After nonstop thinking, the birth of AmbiPalm came into existence. What better way to impact lives other than actually saving lives?
The reason we created this App was to impact lives and create a sense of hope and belief that loved ones can reach the hospital on time because there will always be an ambulance around when needed.

AmbiPalm is here to stay and with your love and support, we believe we can keep making a DIFFERENCE, DIFFERENTLY.

We thank you and urge you to try our services and help us build a platform that would be easy and readily available to use in times of need.
Thank you and God Bless!!!
His to Serve,
Kameron, Doris and Leonard
Founders – AmbiPalm Health Private Limited


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