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How AmbiPalm Blood Donation works

AmbiPalm is a Platform for enabling requesting and donating Blood. Users can Request for Blood or Donate Blood. Using the App or the Website, you can find Donors who are willing to Donate Blood and Requestors, who are in need of Blood near your current location.

ToDonate Blood, you need to enlist yourself as a Blood Donor in the App or the Website. Just by tapping on the Enlist as Blood Donor check box you can help save a life.

When in need of Blood, you can tap on one of the Donors near your location, and with a few taps request them for Blood.

Similarly, you can donate blood by tapping on the people who are in need of blood near your location.

AmbiPalm acts as a platform that enables people to request or donate blood easily.

When requesting for Blood it is mandatory to specify the hospital where you need it and also upload the Blood Requisition Form given by the Hospital. This helps in identifying genuine requests.

Having AmbiPalm in your phone gives you the peace of mind that you can get Blood when you/ your loved one is in need.
Enlist yourself as a DONOR today in AmbiPalm App and Website, to save a life!

Request or Donate Blood

and Register

Open AmbiPalm App or the Website

Request or
Donate Blood

Find the Donors or Requestors near you


Tap on Donor or Requestor

Get Notified

Get Notified on Request/ Response

How to Request / Donate Blood on App and Web

Who can donate blood

Who can donate blood?

Anyone who is physically fit and is above 18 years of age can donate blood. If you are not sure, call our helpline and we will guide you!

Why is blood donation important

Why is blood donation important?

It saves lives is the best answer to this. Blood is necessary for any complex operation and it’s only donation that can make the operation possible and save lives.

Our Helpline : 1800 270 911 911

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