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One of the most prolific services that can be rendered is the service to humanity. As health forms the basis of one’s existence, any service aimed at safeguarding and strengthening health is considered synonymous to serving humanity.

Kolkata, the city of joy, has, over the years, become the undeniable fact of being the most crowded and accident-prone places in the country. It has incurred the scarry figure of being the place to the 4th most accident-related deaths in the country. It is often considered that most of these deaths are due to non-availability of timely medical services, especially Kolkata ambulance services. If doctors are assumed to be the gods, then facilitations that take the injured to the doctors are not less than divine intervention.

So, if you are in Kolkata and in dire need of an ambulance service in Kolkata to take you to the doctor in time, then you are just a click away. AmbiPalm has acquired the coveted distinction of being a household name in Kolkata for its ambulance services and blood donation/request facilities done expeditiously. At AmbiPalm’s, of booking ambulance service is just a tap or click away. The state-of-the-art ambulance services offered by AmbiPalm is hassle-free and customer friendly in many ways. When you book ambulance in Kolkata, all your worries are taken over by the well-trained paramedic staff and an equally well-equipped ambulance with the advanced life support system. Not only does the ambulance wade the patient through the Heavy traffic with the help of advanced GPS so as to reach the doctor at the quickest possible time, but it also takes care of the patient with first aid during the transport. Hence, any possibility of aggravating the injury is minimized before handing the patient over to the doctor.

Emergency ambulance services of AmbiPalm is a boon in the event of a person experiencing sudden ailments like cardiac arrest, epilepsies/seizures or profuse blood loss due to an accident. When you book emergency ambulance service with AmbiPalm, immediate medical attention to the patients is rendered even before they are taken to the hospital. Loss of blood is another critical factor that would require immediate care. Thanks to AmbiPalm, now blood donation/request in Kolkata has become non-cumbersome. In order to facilitate immediate transfusion of blood, a patient can avail this service of AmbiPalm through the mobile app or the website. These emergency ambulance services along with blood donation/request solutions of AmbiPalm are proving to be lifesavers and big game-changers as well.

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