What are The Medical Emergency Numbers in Siliguri?

Siliguri, being the Gateway of North-East India, keeps great importance. It also shares its borders with China, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan, and connects the North-East with mainland India. Located at the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, the city is known for its natural trading and transportation. Following Kolkata and Asansol, Siliguri is also the 3rd largest urban cluster in West Bengal. The city runs on four Ts – Tea, Timber, Transport and Tourism. The enthralling place is a great attraction for tourists.

While Siliguri is a busy city filled with natural richness, it is also exposed to many possibilities of several medical emergencies. At the same time, the raw structure of the city does not allow fluency in the mainstream healthcare system. Sometimes it becomes difficult to reach the hospital or a healthcare expert right away in times of need. In these situations knowing about all the medical emergency numbers in Siliguri can be a great help. Alongside, private emergency services providers like AmbiPalm strengthen the healthcare system of this beautiful city. With the finest ambulances and an experienced team, AmbiPalm provides the best ambulance services and a one-stop solution for every major medical emergency in Siliguri.

The state government of West Bengal has issued some helpline numbers to Siliguri which are dedicated to helping the residents or visitors of the city, during emergencies. One must know about these phone numbers to ensure that he does not feel alone or helpless during a medical urgency. In case of a medical emergency, knowing the right medical emergency numbers can help. Following is a list of medical emergency numbers in Siliguri to call for various types of medical emergencies.

  • Ambulance - 102, 108
  • AmbiPalm toll-free number - 1800-270-911-911
  • Women Helpline Number - 1091
  • Child Helpline - 1098
  • Fire - 101, 2502222, 250186
  • DSP Siliguri - 2436644
  • SDO Siliguri - 2430800, 2529021
  • Siliguri Police Station - 100, 2436484
  • Blood Bank Siliguri, SD Hospital - 2435736, 2436526
  • Siliguri Rotary Blood Bank - 2513240
  • Matigara BPHC - 0353-2571420
  • National Marwari Foundation (Hospital) - 07098121298
  • Pragati Nursing Home (Maternity Hospital) - 095938 00315
  • These numbers can be crucial when a person is fighting a medical emergency. It is almost impossible to know about every expert depending on the type of emergency. Therefore, the above table can help you a lot. On the other hand, if you find difficulty in remembering all these numbers, you can just remember AmbiPalm. Here you get a solution for every medical emergency. Just download the app from Play Store/App Store or dial the 24/7 toll-free number 1800-270-911-911.

    AmbiPalm: One-stop Solution For Every Medical Emergency:

    Medical emergencies are very frustrating if you do not know where to get help. It is crucial to get the right help without wasting time. In this regard, we all look for a platform where we can get a solution to every medical emergency. Nowadays, people go for multi-stores because these stores bring every item to one place. It saves time and also reduces the struggle to find the right thing. AmbiPalm helps you in saving precious time during critical conditions by bringing a one-stop solution onboard.

    AmbiPalm reduces your struggle in finding instant medical attention by bringing all the essential medical services on one platform. Although we are known for providing the best ambulance services in Siliguri we also provide free of cost blood services. We accumulate all the blood banks under our services so that you never feel helpless if you’re looking for blood in a critical condition. To sustain and stay healthy with the heated lifestyle in the cities like Siliguri, you have to be extra careful about your diet and nutrition. As they say, “precaution is better than the cure.” So it’s better to be careful of what you eat which enhances your strength to fight the diseases. AmbiPalm provides you with the best guidance for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle on the app. You find everyday news & stories related to health and nutrition that helps in inculcating a healthy lifestyle.

    AmbiPalm has got the best ambulances for you and provide the services at the prices that suit you. We understand the complexity of the city and also value its nature. We personalize our services according to the situation of the place which makes us stand out from other medical emergency services providers. Including Siliguri, we operate in 15 different cities in India which are Hyderabad, Kolkata, Darjeeling, Bangalore, Mysore, Kanpur, Lucknow, Guntur, Durgapur, Asansol, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Chennai, and Pune.

    Sometimes, transferring the patient through road ambulances becomes a bit risky. Considering the traffic in the city road ambulances might face problems in reaching the destination on time. If the patient is in a critical condition and has to travel for a long distance, air ambulances can be a sensible option. Although they are costly in comparison to road ambulances AmbiPalm offers you affordable expenses. So if your patient needs to travel a long-distance across the country or beyond national boundaries, AmbiPalm will be there for you just one click away.

    AmbiPalm: Racing to Save Lives:

    Even after many developments and collaborative attempts of both the government and private organizations, it is still a tough task to find an ambulance on time. In places like Siliguri where nature itself brings several challenges in the way, providing ambulance services is not a children’s game. Keeping all these challenges in mind, AmbiPalm has come up with strategic solutions and it is delivering the services across the city and suburbs. AmbiPalm communicates substantial solutions to Siliguri’s healthcare concerns. Through the simplest mobile app, you can book an ambulance within a few minutes, ask or donate blood free of cost, and educate yourself about health and nutrition.

    Where other services providers take at least half an hour to reach the patient with their ambulances, AmbiPalm delivers it within 15 minutes. We dispatch our ambulance within 60 seconds of your booking. We have the reputation of reaching the patient in the quickest time possible and transferring his safest transfer to the destination.

    Why Choose AmbiPalm:

    It is a heart-wrenching fact that people in India avoid calling for an ambulance even in critical conditions. Most of the time the reason behind it is the fear of unpredictable charges that providers take for ambulance rides. AmbiPalm believes that this fear should go away. In this regard, we have brought the negotiation feature on our app as well as through offline mode. We anyway quote you the most affordable prices but, still, if you feel that the offered price is exceeding your budget, you can re-adjust the price.

    When a patient is on his way to the hospital, the family members always feel stressed. They want to know about his location and they want to be assured that he will reach the destination without any issue. As a solution to it, AmbiPalm gives you chance to track the live status of your booked ambulance. Right from the moment you book an ambulance with us, you can track the location of your booking through the app as well as our toll-free number. Download the AmbiPalm app from the Play Store or App Store and avail of our services in the simplest ways. We are available 24/7 on the digital platform as well as toll-free number 1800-270-911-911. We also offer you to choose your desired language for communication ensuring that no barrier should come in the way of calling for an ambulance.

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