Can You Donate Blood If You Have a Tattoo?

We all know that blood cannot be created in labs manually thus it solely depends on the noble donors to meet the requirements. It is a noble service that can help save three lives with one pint. Despite the advantages, there are several myths that circulate blood donation. One of them is about tattoos. You must have heard people saying that you cannot donate blood if you have got a tattoo but this is just a myth.

Getting a tattoo is a part of fashion especially among youngsters. They get inked with several fancy tattoos and sometimes they also use it to support some revolutionary ideology. Irrespective of this, anyone who fulfils the criteria for donating blood should not worry if he/she has a tattoo. However after getting inked, one should avoid donating blood for at least three months to ensure him/her against cross-contamination, blood-borne diseases like Hepatitis, HIV and so. Considering this, you should always get a tattoo by a licensed artist because they are given certain guidelines to ensure people’s safety. Diseases like Hepatitis are transferred to the body while getting a tattoo or piercing therefore one must be careful that the artist does not use a contaminated tool during tattooing or piercing. Hepatitis and HIV can be deadly and if you donate blood with any of this, the disease will be transmitted to the receiver’s body too. But, if no pathogen entered your body and you are fit, you can donate blood even after having a tattoo.

How Long Should I Wait To Donate Blood After The Tattoo?

This is a clear fact that anyone in a good physical condition can donate blood even after having a tattoo but after going through tattooing or body piercing, you should not donate blood for at least 3 months. The recent report of April 2020 by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that any blood-borne disease or detectable pathogens are revealed within three months period. Some states do not license tattoo facilities and in that case, one should avoid blood donation for 12 months if not less. The donor should go for donation only after being assured that he/she is not infected.

Blood requirement is not limited to trauma patients only but sometimes women with complications during pregnancy also need that. Children with severe anemia, cancer patients and other complex medical treatments require blood on regular basis. It happens to be our duty to donate blood at regular intervals and for that, we must ensure our safety first. AmbiPalm aims that no one struggles for blood while facing any sort of emergency and therefore we provide a Free of Cost Blood Request/Donate feature where you can voluntarily donate and even request for blood in times of need, and we do not charge a penny for it.

Although there are several points to be taken care of while donating blood but none of them considering tattooing as permanent ineligibility. Here are few important points that a donor
should consider before going for blood donation:

  • One should not be less than 18 years or more than 60 years in age.
  • The donor must be free from any blood transmissible disease.
  • He/she should not be struggling with any severe disease and must be in good physical condition.
  • A person lighter than 45 kg is not eligible for blood donation.
  • Always go for a medical inspection if you have a doubt regarding any blood-related infection.
  • One with Irregular blood flow in the body should avoid donating blood.
  • Women during pregnancy should not donate blood.
  • You should not donate blood if you have gone for a tattoo or body piercing in the last three months.
  • Haemoglobin should not be less than 12gms/dl for men and 12.5gms/dl for women.

That clearly states that the observation period of three months is a precaution against blood-related contamination only and it does not make you ineligible for blood donation. If you have got a tattoo in recent times, you should delay donating blood for 3-12 months. India needs almost 40,000 blood donations every day to meet the requirements and for that, there is only one way that we roll up our sleeves to donate blood without worrying about the myths around this noble practice. AmbiPalm offers a platform where anyone can ask for blood in times of need and also can donate, free of cost.

How Can I Donate Blood Through AmbiPalm?

AmbiPalm offers the simplest ways for blood donation. You go to the app, select your blood group, confirm the number of blood units, select which component of blood particularly you are willing to donate and then you click on donate blood.

After this process, you are directed to your nearest hospital where you can easily donate blood and help in serving humanity.

How Can I Ask For Blood Through AmbiPalm?

Requesting for blood on AmbiPalm is equally simple to donation.
By following the same easy steps, you can ask for blood. After registration, you are connected to your nearest hospital or blood bank where you would get the required amount of blood.

Blood donation is a priceless service to humanity. It has several health benefits and at the same time, it gives you a joyous feeling. Regardless to the fact whether you have got a tattoo or not, you can donate blood. You should not worry about the myths or misleading facts regarding blood donation. AmbiPalm is walking hand in hand with society to ensure that no one takes his/her last breathe struggling for blood. We say, “Earn the honour, be a donor.”

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